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Event Fuel - Practice makes perfect!

⁣If you’re training for #RunRona like us, weekends currently mean long runs and some planning and preparation to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible. ⁣

When it comes to an extended movement session, to get the best out of our bodies we need to think about what fuel we’re putting in them. We asked the very knowledgeable @lukedaley_nutritionist from Daley Nutrition to help us work out how to tackle this!

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Ps. Before you start reading, know that trying this out before event weekend is KEY! So give this a read and trial a plan prior to the big day. 


Ready? ⁣

A run that lasts for more than 60 minutes needs to have a carbohydrate and hydration plan. After 60 minutes into a run you are using up your muscles glycogen stores for energy. This only lasts for a certain amount of time, so it’s important to make sure you are feeding your muscle simple carbohydrates during a long run to prevent any energy crashing conditions such as hypoglycaemia.⁣

Please note that this carbohydrate plan requires training weeks before hand to make sure your gut can take the increase carbohydrate load.⁣

• 0-30mins - water is the key here with little sips, usually it is recommend to take on 200ml for every 20 mins of exercise (Mears et al Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2020).⁣

• 45-75 minutes high level endurance - a few mouth rinses of a sports drink can help with increasing energy update from carbohydrates.⁣

• 1-2 hours - 30 grams of carbohydrates from glucose based solutions/ drinks has shown beneficial effects on energy maintenance at this stage.⁣

• 2-3 hours - this is a critical stage to take things a bit more seriously, with an increase from 30 g/h to 60 g/h from mixed glucose sources such as sports drinks, energy gels and chews.⁣

• 3 hours & above - at this stage your glycogen stores are being tested and it is recommended that an individual takes on 90 g/h of mixed simple carbohydrates, such as glucose and fructose. Food sources can now play a role in picking up those energy levels such as energy bars and simple white bread jam sandwiches for example.


Food sources can now play a role in picking up those energy levels such as energy bars and simple white bread jam sandwiches for example. At this stage your gut is under a lot of pressure, so make sure the foods you are eating agree with you, as a quick dash to the toilet could take of some value time here.⁣

This guide is only a suggestion, your requirements will depend on a range of factors such as how trained you are, food intolerances and general gut health. It is worth talking with a Sports Dietitian / sports nutrition professional that understands your needs and requirements.⁣

Reference: Jeukendrup, A (2014). A step towards personalised sports nutrition: carbohydrate intake during exercise. Sports Med 44 Suppl 1: 25-33, 2014.


What's your go to fuel for events??

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