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Wellah Women Aboriginal Spark Health Promotion Bundoora

Wellah Women is coming to the Northern Suburbs this September!

Wellah Women is our newest Aboriginal Women's Health and Happiness project launching in Bundoora. We will be coming together for 8 awesome weeks in a safe space to get healthier and happier.
Want to know more about Wellah Women? Click here

With support from Our Spirit Adventures, Spark Health is excited to bring 'Wellah Walks to Kokoda', a health and wellbeing program that will build and inspire positive Aboriginal youth role models in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

In 2019 we selected Aboriginal males aged between 15-18 to become part of our 'Wellah Walks' program and complete the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea in November (2nd-12th) this year.

Participants will also have the opportunity to:
- increase resilience and improve their health and wellbeing
- grow leadership attributes
- improve cultural knowledge and strengthen identity
- learn about the roles Aboriginal soliders have played on the Kokoda trail

For more information go to the Wellah Walks to Kokoda page