Totally Trad

We love Traditional Aboriginal Games at Spark Health and have a ball running them at events, schools, prisons and workplaces all around Victoria. From groups of 5 to over 100, the team have the experience and skills to cater for your needs. 

'Sport is a fantastic way for people of all backgrounds to connect. When you’re with all those people participating in traditional games, you feel like you’re coming home! Using sport as a way to communicate history is a great way of getting in and of helping people connect with our history and ancestors.'

- Laura Thompson, Spark Managing Director.


The Spark Team are all trained Yulunga facilitators under the Department of Sport and Recreation Victoria and enjoy using these skills to get active and celebrate culture with people of all ages.  You can read more about our training and refresher session with Steve and Kate from Sport and Rec on our blog!

If you would like to book the Spark team for a Totally Trad session, we'd love to hear from you! 

You can contact us by calling Laura on 0422 046 452 or emailing