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Wellah Walks to Kokoda


With support from Our Spirit Adventures, Spark Health is excited to bring 'Wellah Walks to Kokoda', a health and well-being program that will build and inspire positive Aboriginal youth role models in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Wellah Walks Melton Aboriginal Spark Health Kokoda
In 2019 we selected Aboriginal males aged between 15-18 to become part of our 'Wellah Walks' program and complete the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea during November this year.


 Wellah Walks Kokoda Spark Health

Wellah Walks Kokoda Aboriginal Spark Health

Wellah Walks Aboriginal Kokoda Spark Health

The Wellah Fellahs will have the opportunity to:
-  increase resilience and improve their health and well-being
- grow leadership attributes
- improve cultural knowledge and strengthen identity
- learn about the roles Aboriginal soldiers have played on the Kokoda trail

Wellah Walk Workshops
As part of the program, the Wellah Fellahs will be expected to attend a number of workshops and hikes in preparation for the trail in November. Below are the key dates.

Wellah Workshop Key Dates: 

Training Hikes: Happening in various locations in Victoria

Dates coming soon!

Kokoda Trail:
On November 2nd - 12th 2019 the Wellah Fellah's will be setting off on the plane and heading to Papua New Guinea to conquer the Kokoda Trek!


 Keep checking our website out for all the latest news and to see what the Wellah Fellah's get up to!