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Wellah Together

 I dare join us and get Wellah Together! 
Six Weeks - Six Dares - Six Workouts 
One grouse piece of merch!
I dare ya to be part of Wellah Together and have the most fun you have ever had shaking up your health and well-being!
Throughout this six week program we take participants on a journey using Six Deadly Dares that give us simple and sustainable tools to kick-start and keep a healthy lifestyle. 

Each week we focus on a different health topic to help us reach our goals before getting moving.
But don't stress! We have something for every fitness level. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or running marathons - we've got you covered! 

So don't forget to bring your runners, something comfortable to get moving in and a water bottle every week.

'Wellah Together' News


Feb 10th 6pm


We are excited to be launching Wellah Together for the very first time in Wyndham Vale at the Aboriginal Community Centre

Get ready to shake up your lifestyle with us. We have a grouse six weeks planned for you and cant wait to cheer you all on!

Wellah Together is for the whole family! So bring the kids.

Spots are limted! Secure your registration here:



May 2019: Wellah Together went to the West! 

With support from the wonderful team at Kirrip Aboriginal Corporation, Spark Health launched 'Wellah Together', a health and wellbeing program -  to the West! 

 Wellah Together Spark Health Aboriginal Melton


We loved getting ‘Wellah Together’ and uniting a mob of legends who started shaking up their health and well-being alongside their whole family.

Four generations getting 'Wellah Together'

What made ‘Wellah Together’ so special in the West was being able to have four generations of one family to come together for the program. Great Grandmother Aunty Darlene says Wellah Together gave her family the opportunity to bond, exercise and learn together as well as having more family time which was often hard. Aunty Darlene also mentions that her favourite thing about Wellah Together was seeing everyone, ‘not just my family, but the mob and ladies at Spark’.



"Making it a family thing"

We first met Tanya and her son Jayden after Jayden applied for our Wellah Walks to Kokoda program.  Tanya said she started coming to Wellah Together as part of Jayden’s participation in the Wellah Walks program and soon found herself enjoying the activities and making it a ‘family thing’ for her and Jayden. “We loved everything at Wellah Together and always spoke on the way home in the car about how there was nothing we didn’t like and we looked forward to each week”. Tanya says even after Wellah Together she has continued to keep cutting sugar out of her coffee which has been hard, but she’s stuck to it.

Where we've been - Past Programs

The team at Spark Health have been delivering Wellah Together (previously known as I Dare Ya) with some amazing Communities in at Wathaurong Co-op

For more information about how the Wellah Together (also known as the I Dare Ya program) can work in your Community please contact Sarah Sheridan on 0437 584 123 or email