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Wellah Weekend

Update: Wellah Weekend cancelled due to COVID-19

Your health and wellbeing will always be our number one priority and both Spark Health and the EJ Whitten Foundation care enormously about you, your families and your Community.


In response to the COVID-19 (Caronavirus) outbreak across the country we have sadly had to make the decision to cancel the upcoming Wellah Weekend. As disappointing as this is, we know that this is the right thing to do to ensure that we are doing our bit to reduce the risk of Caronavirus spreading further and quicker than it currently is.


Like you, we’ve been looking forward to the Wellah Weekend for ages and Ted Whitten Jnr has a message for all the Wellah Weekend Legends:


 “Our first Wellah Weekend held in 2019 was a fantastic camp learning about healthy behaviours and bonding together through sharing stories and experiences with one another. Being accepted into the Wellah Community was a highlight for me. I’m really sorry we won’t be able to come together again this weekend but your health and that of your Community is a priority. Stay positive, look after your health and I look forward to staying connected.” – Ted Whitten Junior


For now, we are working on creative ways to still hang out in the future. Make sure you’re linked in to the Wellah Weekend Facebook group ( to stay connected, especially at this time. We’ll post updates here about future opportunities to get together.


While you’re taking some time away from work and other social events and activities, you might like to check out our websites and YouTube Channels below:


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Let’s stay in touch with each other, be kind and look out for those around us. We’ll see you soon, one way or another!



Wellah Weekend is back for 2020!

Wellah Weekend March 2020 Key Information:
  • Friday 20th March (5pm) to Sunday 22nd March (3pm)
  • Lady Northcote YMCA, Glenmore, Victoria, 1273 Glenmore Rd, Glenmore VIC 3340
  • All meals, and activities are supplied at Wellah Weekend. Please bring a blanket and a pillow.
  • Wellah Weekend is a drug and alcohol free event.
  • Don't be worried about your fitness! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or running marathons - Wellah has got you covered!
Ready to get Wellah? Register by clicking here


What is a Wellah Weekend?
The EJ Whitten Foundation partnered with Spark Health to create this brand new event for Aboriginal Men, and we had the most incredible Wellah Weekend together!

A Wellah Weekend is the most fun you will ever have shaking up your lifestyle!

Wellah Weekend coordinates some of the best facilitators in Aboriginal Health and Well-being from around the state to create an action packed agenda to fuel the mind, body and spirit. 

The March 2020 Wellah Weekend features Lowell Hunter (Wayapa Wurruker), Daniel Bolger, Luke Daley and Steve Parker (and heaps more!) specialist workshops throughout the camp.


Working for Merch!

Clothing the Gap X Steve Ulula Parker

Every Wellah Fella that joins us on the 2020 Wellah Weekend will be receiving one of these limited edition Clothing The Gap Tee's featuring artwork by Steve Parker.

Steve is a proud Indigenous man with ties to the Yorta Yorta, Erub and BoonWurrung. Steve shares the meaning of his work, titled 'Wellah Fellas':

"This artwork reflects Indigenous men’s journey across Victoria and around Nairm (Port Phillip Bay) to the Wellah Fella’s Djambana (gathering). The Guyeem (Kangaroo) prints connect and track the men’s journey back to their own Country, carrying with them the health and well-being messages from the Wellah Weekend."

Thanks for creating a beautiful piece for our Wellah Fella's Steve! We can't wait to see heaps of legends reppin' them.


Wellah Weekend participants experience:

- Opportunities to learn more about health and Aboriginal Culture.
- Fun workouts for all fitness levels and ages
- Good laughs and new friends
- Stronger mob connections
- Better links to and awareness of health services and supports


Hear from the 2019 Wellah Weekend participants...
You can see all the action from the weekend captured by James Henry Photography on the Spark Health Facebook Page here. 


Hear our Wellah Weekend participants sharing their experience with the ABC Gippsland who came to the Wellah Weekend to hear from the Wellah Fella's


For more information about the Wellah Weekend, please contact Sarah: / 0437584123


Click here to download the Wellah Weekend flyer


EJ Whitten Foundation acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

Victorian Government