Clothing the Gap merchandise has landed

Own your Spark! The story behind our first piece of merch.

This artwork by Gunditjmara woman, Laura Thompson features on our very piece of Spark merch. The design tells the story of igniting the healthy lifestyle spark in Communities all across Australia!

Pre-order your very own limited edition, Spark Aboriginal designed and made in Australia training singlet by the 15 Jan, 2018

More reasons to love Spark Merch...Whether you're working up a sweat or stepping out in style, we've got you covered! Rep your Spark and know that you are making a difference!  The sales of all Spark merch go straight back into Spark health education programs in Aboriginal Kindergartens across Victoria. Get excited about supporting our future generation of Aboriginal health champions!Artist Laura Thompson Spark Health Australia ArtworkArtwork: Igniting Healthy Lifestyle Sparks by Laura ThompsonImage 1: Front of Spark Training SingletImage 2: Back of Spark Training Singlet





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  • Hey guys, only just heard about your new venture.

    Good luck.

    Want to purchase a singlet. Is it too late?

    Julie Phillips

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