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Spark Feud - The Ultimate Health Promotion Game Show

Spark Feud 

The Ultimate Health Promotion Game Show!

It's time to play...Spark Feud! 

At Spark Health, we love getting creative about different ways that we can spark conversations about health and wellbeing with participants of all ages! 

We have been surveying the mob to find out their top answers to questions such as...

Name a common excuse people give for not heating healthy.

Name something you associate with NAIDOC


Apart from water, what else is a healthy choice at 7/11


Spark Feud has made its way from High Schools to Professional Development Days to Prisons and it's making people laugh while re-thinking what they know about their own health and habits. 


Book a Spark Feud Game Show! 

"Best workshop ever!" and "Cannot wait to have you back!" were responses from a recent professional development workshop about Spark Feud! 

 To find out more about how you can host a Spark Feud Game Show you can email or call Laura on 0422 046 452.



Take the quiz! 

We need your help to continue to grow our question bank! 

You can take part in Spark Feud Round Two by following this link here. 

Stay tuned for more hilarious wigs, costumes and health promotion questions!  

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