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'SparkHealth' on the move for Active April

We love Active April! Seriously, why wouldn't you? It's free stuff. Everywhere. Lots and lots of free stuff! Woo! 

What do you get you ask??

Each Active April participant receives...

10 free YMCA passes or access to other listed facilities

15% off at Sportsmart

2 for 1 ticket to SEALIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Entry into the draw to win 2019 Aus Open tickets

5 free group dance lessons at a Dancesport Victoria Centre

2 for 1 ticket offer to LegoLand Discovery Centre Melbourne

...and loads more! So worth it.


We're officially 2 days in to April, but there's still HEAPS of time to get active...for free! 

So how do you get involved?? Great question!

Step One = Register.

Click here to go to the registration page to sign up! Now that you've registered you can join our team and start sharing how you're getting active. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you can get amongst the action and see what everyone's up to by using #MyActiveApril ... bonus points if you're in your #SparkHealthMerch and stepping up to #OwnYourSpark!

You and your family (kids too!!) can join the SparkHealth Active April Team!

 You're always pick number one in our crew! Join us by going to the 'Teams' section and searching for sparkhealth (hint: this is our Team ID) .

Here's what searching for our team looks like on the ap...

Get the Active April Ap!  

The new Active April app is making life even easier as you can store everything in the one spot on the ap and record all of your activity on the go.

This also means that your free gym card is with you wherever you don't want to know how many time's we've reprinted our Active April paper cards over the years!

You can record your activity...



And use your gym pass for 10 free YMCA sessions (ermahgerd!)


So go on, what are you waiting for? Let's get moving together in April! Spread the word, everyone's welcome to join in!

See you on the team page soon! 




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