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Top Tips for a Balanced Break


Did  you know that you don't have to throw everything out the window over Christmas?? You can still kick your health goals during the silly season! A little bit of balance will help you to avoid a blow out while still enjoying yourself.

 Here are our favourite tips for staying on track and enjoying things along the way this Christmas.

1. Stick to the routine as much as you can, keep activity a priority.
Stay active, don’t throw it all out the window. Balance is key at this time of year and a little bit is better than none. Away from your regular gym over the break? All you need for a great workout is your own body. Get creative! Why not swap another wine/coffee catch up for a walk? Get the family out and about for a game of back yard cricket or a walk between meals on Christmas day. 

Need some inspo? Give Team Storm's Head Coaches Jacara and Shaun Thomas a follow on Instagram by searching @stormhealthandfitness 

2. Watch your alcohol and sugary drinks, aim for some Alcohol Free Days.
Swap your sugary drinks for water. Remember your mixers count as sugar and calories. Aim for soda water or diet/sugar free soft drink for mixers.  Use water as your friend and aim for some Alcohol Free Days (days without alcohol) during the Christmas/New Year break. We love this reality check from Live Lighter, yikes!

3. Remember your portions, go for 2 and 5.
Fill up on vegetables, lean protein (like chicken with the skin off) and good wholegrains (ditch the big white bread dinner rolls!). Keep aiming for your 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables with lots of variety and colour each day. 

4. Bring a healthy option, fill up well before you snack.
Heading to an event with family/friends? Take your favourite healthy dish so that you know you’ve got a great option to go to. Avoid the calorie heavy and low nutrient finger food by having a healthy feed before the event. Then you can just pick one or two favourites and enjoy them (see tip 5!).  

Check out this ripper visual reminder from Daley Nutrition  about how much sugar you can safe yourself by picking your favorite and sticking to one or two...

5. Don’t deprive yourself, enjoy!
It is Christmas after all, aim for balance and give yourself a little room to move. Be realistic about your goals and focus on ticking off healthy habits daily instead. Be mindful about what you choose and how much you have. You can still enjoy Nan's deadly pavlova without having 3 pieces. 


Most of all, enjoy those moments with family and friends! Look out for each other, take care and be kind to yourself! Christmas does eventually wind up and routine will come back in. Remember that health is a lifestyle and you can't throw that all away on one day by having a few extra chocolates. It will all be ok!


From our mob to yours, have a safe and balanced break!
Thanks for an incredible 2018, we can't wait to kick off 2019 with you all!




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