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8 Self Care Tips for Aboriginal Women on Jan 26

Hello Sparkies!

We can do it! To all the incredible Aboriginal women who are fighting the fight, these self care tips are for you.

Spark Health Australia Wanda The Wellness Warrior We Can Do It

Let’s look after each other and ourselves especially, at the this time of the year in the lead up to Jan 26, Australia Day, Survival Day, Invasion Day whatever you want to call it!  Self care is so important when we can feel so emotionally drained from what we read and the conversations we are having about Jan 26. 

Spark Health stands with Aboriginal people on this day and we have been reflecting on the strengths, wisdom, power, resilience and particularly those women driving change for a more inclusive Australia. 


Spark Health Australia Women Empowerment Wanda The Wellness Warrior

Take time each day solely to take care of your own wellbeing. Not only will it make you feel better, but giving back to yourself, will mean you will actually have more to give others.

Here are our top 8 self care tips:

1. Sleep: We all know how important sleep is, and getting enough sleep is the investment we need to be effective tomorrow. Don’t let the demands of each day keep you from going to bed at a decent hour. If you have more to do, put it away and leave it til tomorrow. 

2. Be still time: We live in such a rushed, over-stimulated, over-gadget-ized society.  Often we are going at such a fast pace, that taking time to be quiet feels unproductive, but its so important to connect to ourselves, the land and our thoughts. 

3. Exercise:  Regular exercise can transform your life, it gives you more energy! Exercise can be great for you physically and mentally. It provides a stress release and keeps your body healthy. It also helps your body release endorphins, which increase your feelings of overall well-being.

4. Food: Healthy food is fuel for your active body. Wake up and eat breakfast and try to avoid packaged foods. A poor diet can actually make you more vulnerable to stress.

5. Medical care: Schedule those doctors appointments that you’ve been avoiding (like the pap screen or your mammogram) while it sounds routine, these are the things that get pushed off our calendars so easily. 

6. Fun: What do you love to do? What is FUN for you? Basketball? Walking at your favourite park with your dog? Swimming with your kids? Calling a cuz to catch-up. Do something fun and just for you every week.

7. Unplug: Create sacred spaces in your days or weeks where you unplug from everything. No emails, internet, phone, nothing. Seize back control. Unplug regularly or you’ll burn out your emotional hardware. 

8. Social Support: Social support and your mob can keep you healthier and happier, creating a buffer against stress. On Jan 26, surround yourself with people who understand how you feel, attend a rally or maybe go to a Survival Day event. Friends and family can pick you up when you’re sad, burnt out and tired of the racism and negativity. 



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