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Wellah Colouring Competition!

Wominjeka you mob!
My name is Wellah the Aboriginal Wellness Warrior.
It's pretty Deadly being a superhero. When I'm not working on building my strong and healthy muscles with fruits, veggies and exercise - I get to fly around and hang out with all the mob and introduce them all to their very own healthy superpowers - deadly right? 
Did you know that I am not the only superhero? We are all Wellness Warriors!! And when we join forces as one big mob, our powers combine and we are 'Wellah' in our mind, body and spirit together! This right here is the message I am trying to spread. But I need your help!! 
Here is your mission!! I need you to help me spread the power of being Wellah to all the mob in your Community. So let's spend time together these school holidays. How might you ask? Let's start with the most amazing Aboriginal Superhero Colouring Competition - featuring me of course.

Wellah Colouring Competition!

Okay, so here's how it works...
First thing you need to do is get your little creative superhero hands on a Colouring in Sheet. 
I have four deadly Colouring In designs to choose from. Pick your favourite, or get creative with all four!!! 
If you haven't already, you can download and print yourself a copy below:
Next is to bring colour to my life! I love looking bright and exciting. I also love when I get to try new deadly super powers! So please don't hold back. Get outside those lines a little bit, and add your own Wellah touch! I also love eating my fruits and veggies, so make sure I don't go hungry either *superhero chuckle*. I am relying on you to make me look like the most deadly Aboriginal superhero that's ever flown across Australia. 
Got more than one Colouring In you want to share with me? YAY! Send in as many as you like. I'd love to see them all!
Once you have completed your Wellah colouring masterpiece or masterpieces, it's time to send it to Spark HQ. I don't have an email address as I am too busy hanging out with the mob. So please email it to Lena Charles at
Can't get it to me by email? No problem! I'll be checking the mail box too. Just post it to:
PO BOX 1630
Preston South, 
Victoria 3072
(Please take a photo of your artwork before sending in your original copy - we wont be returning entries, Wellah wants to put them all up on the wall!)
Live close to Spark HQ? Feel free to drop it by our office:
Level 1/248 High Street
Preston, Vic
(The Spark Team and myself are often quite busy, so drop us a message before to let us know you are coming. If we are out of the office, drop it in the letterbox or slide it under the door.)


I am really looking forward to getting to see all the deadly colouring in entries. I already know how tough it is going to be to select a winner.
Speaking of winners!!! We are going to have four!!
I am going to choose a winner from each age category:
Age category one: 0 - 5 years old
Age category two: 6 - 10 years old
Age category three: 11 - 13 years old
Age category four: Open 14+ years  (adults that includes you too)


Each winner will receive a Clothing The Gap prize pack valued at $150!
Prize pack will include:
- 1x Kids or Adult 'Always Was' Tee (black or pink)
-1x 'Free The Flag' Bucket Hat
-1x Clothing The Gap Headband
-1x 'Free The Flag" Pop socket
-1x 'Free The Flag' Sticker pack
-1x Tote Bag
-1x Clothing The Gap Beanie
Clothing The Gap is an Aboriginal owned brand with really deadly merchandise. 100% of their profits actively support health promotion activities for Aboriginal Communities - including helping me to fly around and visit deadly mob and get 'Wellah' Together! 
Not only are they producing really deadly merchandise, they are also creating a movement and fighting to free the Aboriginal Flag. 
If you haven't had a chance to check them out yet, you can visit their website by clicking here
Winners will be announced on January 30th 2020! 
So what are you waiting for? Start channeling your inner Wellah Superhero and get creative! Let's spread the power of being 'Wellah' together!  Bring on all the deadly colouring YAY!
Have any questions?
email Lena Charles at

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