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Wellah Weekend is back!

Wellah Weekend is back for 2020!
What is a Wellah Weekend?
The EJ Whitten Foundation partnered with Spark Health to create this brand new event for Aboriginal Men, and we had the most incredible Wellah Weekend together!

A Wellah Weekend is the most fun you will ever have shaking up your lifestyle!

Wellah Weekend coordinates some of the best facilitators in Aboriginal Health and Well-being from around the state to create an action packed agenda to fuel the mind, body and spirit. 

The March 2020 Wellah Weekend features Lowell Hunter (Wayapa Wurruker), Daniel Bolger, Luke Daley and Steve Parker (and heaps more!) specialist workshops throughout the camp.


Check out what Wellah Weekend 2019 looked like for a sneak peak here...

Wellah Weekend March 2020 Key Information:
  • Friday 20th March (5pm) to Sunday 22nd March (3pm)
  • Lady Northcote YMCA, Glenmore, Victoria, 1273 Glenmore Rd, Glenmore VIC 3340
  • All meals, and activities are supplied at Wellah Weekend. Please bring a blanket.
  • Wellah Weekend is a drug and alcohol free event.
  • Don't be worried about your fitness! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or running marathons - Wellah has got you covered! 

See more information on the Wellah Weekend page here: 

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