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Wellah Women Online Retreat

Wellah Women is coming to you online - Join us for the Wellah Women Online Retreat!

Life is pretty up in the air at the moment with the situation surrounding COVID-19. With the importance of social distancing, self isolation and lockdowns around the country at this time, we want to create a space for us mob to stay connected. So we will be bringing you the Online Wellah Women Retreat! 
We are brushing up on our TV acting skills and bringing you eight weekly episodes featuring our very own Spark Health fam and other guest speakers. We will also be hanging out live online once a week with you mob with some fun activities and to have a yarn and catch up with one another.
So get ready to grow your attitude for gratitude and connect with other deadly Aboriginal women across the land.
Lock in Wednesday nights from Aprill 22nd with us!
And get ready to take on Wellah Women, an online health and happiness project just for YOU!
Wellah Women is calling for Aboriginal Women from all over.

Spread the word! tell your Mum, Aunties, Sisters and Cousins! 

If you have always wanted to hang out at our Wellah Women program, but couldn't make it - now's the time. Don't get Wellah Women FOMO.

Don't let staying at home stop you from hanging out with the mob. We are here to cheer you on!

Excited? You can register to secure your place by following this link:

To find out more about past Wellah Women programs click here

If you have any questions, please contact Lena Charles at

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