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Yes, of course we eat chocolate! Happy Easter Spark Family!

Yes, of course we eat chocolate! 

Happy Easter Spark Family!

There's nothing better than some time to catch up with everyone over an extra long weekend. We hope you're all having a ripper break and having a ball. 

Being Easter, it can be really hard to keep those healthy choices on track....and seriously, who doesn't love chocolate? 

Luckily, it can be really easy to add some healthy swaps to the table that are 100% delicious and won't make you feel like you're missing out at all. We completely believe that a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and not feeling like you're stuck on a diet forever. Ain't no body got time for that!

Top tip: Make your choice about your chocolate in the supermarket aisle. A simple swap in your choc choice can save you hundreds of grams of sugar, seriously! 
Only bring home with you what you really need and check out the back of the packet. For a ripper label reading guide check out VACCHO's Healthy Tucker Card here

So say hello to one of our favourite Easter treats that combine two of our favourite things...Chocolate Fruit! 

My favourite thing about this quick and easy Chocolate Fruit recipe is that you can get the kids or grannies in the kitchen with you. Or maybe you're reading this from the banks of the river (lucky you!), you could do this in a saucepan in the coals from the fire and use skewer sticks to dip the fruit. Delish!


Here we go...full instructions below!

Chocolate  Fruit

Step 1: Wash and cut (if needed) your favourite fruit! We love straberries, bananas, pears, kiwi fruit etc.

Fresh straberries!

Step 2: Melt one block of dark chocolate (see our tips for choosing your choc here). You can microwave your chocolate in microwave proof bowl for 30 secs at a time, stirring and then heat again until it's melted. 

85% Cocoa Lindt Chocolate

Step 3: Put some baking paper on a plate or tray.

Step 3: Dip your fruit in the chocolate and place on the baking paper (getting close now!)

Step 4: Put the plate in the fridge until the chocolate sets...if you can wait that long! 

Step 5: Once the chocolate is set, wiggle them off the baking paper and your healthy chocolate fruit desert is ready to go! They go pretty well with a chocolate bliss ball too! 

Ready to give them a go? We'd love to see your snaps of the finished product! Tag us so we can drool over your creations too. 

Have a save and wonderful long weekend legends! 

Remember, it's simple swaps that make big differences.. you can do this! 

What's your Easter tip?

See you soon Sparkies! 

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