Aboriginal Women's Health and Happiness Project - Ngarrimili

Ngarrimili is going West Side! 

We are so excited to launch Ngarrilmili, an Aboriginal Women's Health and Happiness Project, for the very first time in Melton!  Everyone's welcome, bring the kids!

Spark Health ABoriginal Health and Hapiness Project

Spark Health ABoriginal Health and Hapiness Project 

Click here to download the Ngarrimili PDF pamphlet

'Ngarrimili' is a Wadawurrung word meaning 'to dance' and we think there is something special about feeling safe and empowered in health and happiness and feeling like you can dance alongside your Sistergirls with no shame!

Not a dancer? Don't stress! Ngarrimili isn't all about dancing...although it may leave you feeling like you want to bust a move! 

Ngarrimili Project Dates 2018
Ngarrimili kicks off on Monday 8th October, 6pm-8pm at the Bridge Road Community Centre in Melton South. 

We'll be coming together for 8 weeks in a safe space to get healthier and happier! We will hear from so many amazing speakers and finish up every session with a fun workout! Graduation is in Week 8 but, it's not the end... we will be running fortnightly Ngarrimili Booster Sessions in Melton to keep you on track and motivated. 

Week One - 8th October          3, 2, 1 GO!

Week Two - 15th October        Double Tap Yourself

Week Three - 22nd October    It's What You Don't See

Special Event 27th October     Ngarrimili parkrun

Week Four - 29th October       Feeding Your Soul

Week Five - 5th November      Girls Night In - Stylin' Up 

Special Event Women's Treaty Circle 

Week Six - 12th November      Deadly Duos 

Week Seven - 19th November Breaking Cycles 

Week Eight - 26th November, Graduation Celebration!


Excited? So are we! To register online, click here! 

If you would like to send the registration link to a friend you can copy and paste this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ngarrimili2018  

Prefer pen and paper to sign up? No worries!

There are paper copies of the registration survey available at Kirrip Aboriginal Co-Op at 26 Exford Road, Melton South. 

Ngarrimili Facebook Support Group

Once you've registered for Ngarrimili, find our closed Facebook group, a safe space to start sharing recipes and inspiration, ask any questions you may have and to cheer each other on. 

You can find it here, but to help you out, it looks like this:

Ngarrimili Colouring in pages for the kids
We have four Ngararimili colouring pages you can download. We love to see these pictures of Ngarrimili come to life in colour so print some out and share them with us on social media.
We can't wait to see you at Ngarrimili soon! 

For more information contact:
Sarah Sheridan

E: hello@sparkhealth.com.au

M:0437 584 123

Spark Health Australia acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.

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